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Nightingale Court is located in the picturesque artists' town of Mörz, on the Maifeld plateau, where the typical landscape of the Eifel merges into the Moselle valley.

Surrounded by fields, small villages and wooded valleys, just a stone's throw from Eltz Castle and the Moselle, hikers, cyclists and those looking for relaxation will find enchanting landscapes that invite you to a wide variety of activities.


You can reach Eltz Castle by bike in about half an hour, and the Moselle in 10 minutes.

Three of the total of 27 "dream paths" start directly in Maifeld and along the Moselle there are numerous other amazing hiking possibilities.


In the neighboring town of Münstermaifeld, the historic town with its imposing former collegiate church, you will find further leisure activities, such as the Maifeld adventure pool.

In about 25 minutes you can reach Koblenz by car, the city with its beautiful palaces and castles that connects the Rhine and Moselle river, .

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Due to the location on the high plateau above the Moselle, slightly uphill in the direction of the Eifel, there are numerous flat and easily accessible cycle paths as well as fantastic mountain bike tours to discover.


Start your bike tour on the Maifeld or along the Moselle now!

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The winding Moselle valley and the almost alpine routes up to the adjacent low mountain ranges of the Eifel and Hunsrück are highlights for every


Bikers are always welcome at the Nachtigallenhof!

Parking spaces for bikes are available.​

We are happy to provide you with a few tour tips.


Numerous hiking trails run through the Maifeld, some of them are premium hiking trails and therefore particularly recommended.


Above all, the so called "dream paths", of which 5 are located on the Maifeld, invite you to discover the region on foot. 

Holzbrücke zu Fuß


Small museums, castles, a historic old town, the Moselle and the Rhine, everything is just a stone's throw away.


The region attracts with nature experiences, sights and culture, as much as your heart desires.

Cochem Stadt


Both on the Moselle  as well as on the Rhine, the winegrowers can demonstrate their outstanding skills and present the best of these two famous wine-growing regions.


At wine festivals, in one of the rustic winegrowers' taverns, or in the restaurants and pubs on the riverbanks, you too can  enjoy wonderful wines from our region. 

Cochem Stadt
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