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Alex is a biker himself and has known the region around the Moselle, Eifel and Hunsrück for many years.

Bikers are always welcome and if desired, we are happy to give you some tips for tours in the region. Starting directly "from our front door", the beautiful shrink valley meanders along to the Moselle. From there you can go in all directions.  

The most beautiful and winding tours along the Moselle, through the Eifel, the Hunsrück and the Rhine can be easily ridden as a day tour from the Nachtigallen-Hof.  


There is a parking space for your motorbikes directly by the cottage.  

Whether you chose a BBQ in front of your cottage at the end of your tour, cook yourself or have dinner in a restaurant in Münstermaifeld (approx. 4 minutes by bike). Relax at the end of the day the way you want it.  


The Moselle delights not only with the best vineyards in Europe, but also with fantastic motorcycle roads.


Numerous meanders lead up to the heights of the Eifel and Hunsrück, only to jet down into the valley again towards the next river bend.

Here is the official Moselle Tourism tour-website:

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Countless small and low-traffic side roads with hairpin bends, serpentines and long curves meander through the Eifel.


Both beginners and advanced riders will find a wealth of attractive tours here.  

Here is the official tour page of Eifel Tourism:


Fun on the curves between the Rhine and Moselle.


The Hunsrück offers almost 250 kilometers of curves with a varied mixture of meadows and fields, light-flooded deciduous forest and hilly landscape.


Castle ruins tower over valleys, steep vineyard slopes want to be climbed in serpentines

Click here for the "King of Curves" tour planning page:

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