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The Nightingale-Court is your ideal starting point for hikes on the "dream paths and dream trails" along the Moselle, Eifel and Rhine - three of the most beautiful hiking regions in Germany.


Discover the dreamlike landscapes of our surroundings.

A total of 41 "dream paths and dream trails" run through the region and invite you to discover the magnificent landscape with its rich natural monuments and cultural beauties. 27 circular hiking trails as well as 14 walking trails lead through the dense forest and volcanic landscape, over high plateaus and steep vineyard slopes, past medieval castles and fortresses and present spectacular views of the Rhine and Moselle valleys.


All tours can be ideally planned as a day tour from the Nightingale-Court. 

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Lined with steep slate slopes and sun-drenched vineyard terraces, the Moselle winds through a fantastically beautiful landscape.


Here grows the traditional Riesling, which you can enjoy during a break in one of the many small winegrowers' taverns and ostrich farms. Picturesque chapels and proud, wildly romantic castles tell of bygone times.


Click here for the dream paths along the Moselle: 

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Today, the Eastern Eifel is a green and fertile landscape,  but once it was covered by glowing lava.


Among naturefriends, it is known as the "green heart of Europe".


A large number of pointed mountain cones and the large crater lake Laacher See bear witness to the original volcanic landscape.


In the center is the historic city of Mayen – the cultural and economic center of the region.


Click here for the dream trails in the Eifel:

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The landscape along the Rhine enchants with its steep mountain slopes, rugged rocks, extensive vineyards, winding paths and dense forests.


Adventour is guaranteed at the Andernach Geyser – with 60 meters the highest cold-water geyser in the world.


Click here for the dream paths along the Rhine:

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