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Yoga vacation

About Petra


Petra has been actively practicing yoga for 13 years and is a certified yoga teacher in the fields of hatha, vinyasa, yin and therapeutic yoga. With her experience, she can respond to our guests in a targeted manner and provide them with a basic set of relaxation techniques for their further journey.

Of course, Petra also offers lessons for advanced yogis by arrangement. 

Why yoga?

Yoga is a technique that was developed in India over two thousand years ago to live in harmony with oneself. Yoga not only relaxes, but is also a path to a clear mind and a strong body.


Yoga is not a sport in that sense, but rather a practical philosophy of life that lets you live more consciously and healthily and goes exactly as deep as you want it to.

What is yoga?

The word "yoga" comes from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit and literally means: yoking or integration. It can also be understood in the sense of "tensioning" the body to the soul for collection and concentration or to "become one" with consciousness .


The fact is that thousands of years ago people longed to bring opposites together. 

How does yoga work? 


Just as modern lifestyles cause many people to have back, digestive, and sleep problems, and yoga directly affects metabolism, nervous system, muscles, and joints, so yoga affects the modern mind and its overload in the hustle and bustle of the 21st century .


Self-awareness is practiced through mindfulness and the coordination of breath and movement, thereby creating the first prerequisite for identifying and possibly changing wrong behavioral patterns.

In addition to health prevention and stress management, yoga has a fundamental effect on the psyche of the individual. Most of us have the feeling of having lost contact with ourselves and perceive this state as a deficit.


Yoga helps to "ground" yourself again and to start a dialogue with yourself.

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