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autogenic training

Autogenic training

About erection

Erek has many years of experience as a certified relaxation trainer for autogenic training. He prepares his lessons carefully and with a lot of empathy.  

Why autogenic training?

Time pressure, stress and hectic pace are often the cause of numerous illnesses. But it doesn't have to come to that, because inner contemplation and dealing with yourself preventively reduce stress and bring mind and soul into harmonious harmony with each other.

What is autogenic training?

One technique for this is autogenic training, which was developed by JH Schulz in the 1930s on the basis of his experience in dealing with hypnosis. Schultz had discovered that most people are capable of achieving measurable physical states and changes in a state of deep relaxation using their imagination alone. So you can z. For example, people who intensely imagine warmth in their hands actually measure an increase in surface temperature.

The original methods of JH Schultz have been continuously expanded since then. While autogenic training (AT) was originally used in psychotherapy, AT is now also used by healthy people, e.g. in the wellness area, to increase the general quality of life, to improve athletic performance or to increase productivity and creativity in companies. A large number of somatic complaints can also be treated with AT and the body's own defenses can be significantly supported.

How does autogenic training help me?

The subject in the AT first assumes a relaxed sitting or lying position, relaxes with calming thoughts and embarks on a mindful body journey. At the point of deepest relaxation, when the subconscious is wide open, the desired effects of AT unfold through targeted autosuggestive “principles” that the subject speaks to himself, repeatedly, until the effect becomes noticeable.

In the autogenic training course, I will teach you the necessary techniques, develop the principles that are right for you together with you and give you the tools so that - controlled by you and available at any time - there is a natural harmony between body, mind and spirit soul can adjust.

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