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Burnout advice stress management

About Alex and Erek

Alexworked for more than 20 years as a manager in commercial companies and knows from his own experience the challenges that teams and managers have to face nowadays. 


After a burnout in 2015, he dealt intensively with the topic and today, in addition to his work as managing director of a medium-sized tour operator, supports other people as a coach in sustainably implementing a health-promoting way of dealing with stress.

erectionhas more than 25 years of business and management experience and  is, among other things, a long-standing relaxation trainer for autogenic training.

Both are certified burnout consultants and trainers for multimodal stress management. 


Stress management (burnout prevention) and burnout advice - what's the difference?

First of all, we will jointly identify your  as part of an anamnesisStress causes (stressors) in your life and find firstclues,in which phaseyou are currently (see grafic).

In the range of levels 1 to 5  we have as part of thestress managementthe possibility of counteracting burnout. Wir we work with you to develop methods and coping strategies that can be used to reduce or completely eliminate psychologically and physically stressful stress,beforeit to oneburnoutis coming. 

From stage 6  (imminent burnout), we will advise you on your options for making use of professional therapeutic support. 

Freudenberger and North (1992)

The 12 phases of burnout
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